Friday, 27 February 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a busy couple of weeks and I have so much I would like to share. The big news is that one of my oldest most loved friends Karen gave birth to a baby girl last Tuesday. It's been a tough road at times for Karen and her husband Bob but I couldn't be more pleased for them both. Baby Emily and Karen are both doing well. I'm now keeping my eyes open for the perfect gift. I'm a bit in love with this corduroy dog but I also think the graphic designer in Karen will like these number lights (both from habitat)

Friday, 13 February 2009


I can't stop thinking about studio sheds, again. Now I've cleared the attic and it's still very dark and I'm just a bit to tall, I wonder if Plan A was better after all. It's also a bit on the creepy side. 
I've just found this beautiful shed designed by Wayne Hemingway and his wife Geraldine. It's called SHACKUP and I really want one. I can't choose between the porthole or the large french doors. One would be good for light and one would be better for keeping warm. Both would have to be water proofed.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


We're still up to our necks in snow and ice in the south west but I can't help looking forward to spring. I like to keep a little window box on my tiny window seel in my very small room (which as of next month will no longer be mine. Big gulp and worried bite of lip). Last year I grow a very respectable crop of basil. This year I'm hoping to build on the success and turn my hand to a few different herbs. Here's a picture of my new tin plant pot. I'll keep you updated as to how the plans do. By the way My GOCCO PG-11 arrived last weekend but I haven't made space or time to use it yet... I blame the snow.


What a nice surprise I had on Thursday when I got invited to a talk at the new Bristol Howies shop. I love a lecture so I agreed to go without even asking who the speaker was. The talk turned out to be an informal presentation about the life and work of Barney Bubbles a pioneering graphic designer who acted as a mentor to big names like Neville Brody. He also designed some of the most iconic record sleeves of the New Wave era. I enjoyed the talk very much but the real highlight of the evening was getting to see the amazing shop. I love this illustration.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


What a week. Never have I felt more like a Russian peasant than I did this morning braving the blizzard and walking the three slippy miles to work. I'm not keen on icy pavements but even the Lawrence Hill ghetto looked beautiful under a dusting of snow. I risked life and limb (well camera and handbag) to take the picture below.

As the weather has been so cold and I've been so good at getting out and about, I thought it would be OK to treat myself to these great gloves from howies. They're called victory gloves but I think we all know what they are really for. (mine are grey with blue fingers.)

I got to visit howies great new Bristol store tonight, but that's a blog in it's self and will wait until the weekend.