Sunday, 18 January 2009


After a quite week in work, (which left me with plenty of time to do web research) I have bought a GOCCO printer. I'm so excited and can't wait for it to fly in from Japan. I discovered them when reading up on how to screen print from home and this seems to be the first step and ideal for people working from just one room. One day I'll have a studio with room for grown up screen printing or just swinging a cat, until then this little Japanese toy will do me just fine. If you would like to find out more then watch this great little film from etsy. I also recommend this really funny film about silk screening. From what I've read GOCCOs are not being made anymore, so are getting harder to buy. I found one on ebay without to much fuss but it did cost just over £100 plus post. The bulbs are also around a pound each and are only single use, but I really think it's going to be worth it. I'll let you know once it arrives.

Also this weekend my KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON POSTER, arrived I know they are everywhere at the moment but it's just so smart. It was a real bargain at only £10 for a screen print. It now lives with all my other beautiful prints and photographs waiting to be framed. This must go to the top of my to do list.

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