Saturday, 24 January 2009


I just can't let today pass without saying how pleased I am to have Jonathan Ross's Radio 2 show back. Saturday mornings just haven't been the same without him, even if it does hamper cleaning as I'll only hoover when the songs are on (not that I did any hoovering today).

I had I lovely surprise tonight when my dear friend Gilly phoned. She lives in NewZealand so catching up is a real treat. Her time is also quite precious now as she's the proud Mum of two beautiful twin girls, who I can't wait to meet later on in the year.

I'm very glad it's the weekend after a long week at work. I think it's time I started a count down until I get to wave goodbye to my job. It's all a bit scary but mostly I can't wait. I'm now thinking about making a space to work from. at the moment I spend my weeks in a small but beautiful flat in Clifton and my weekends out in the country-sid
e with my family. I don't really have a work space in either location. I firstly thought about a office shed but now have settled on cleaning up the attic, this will of cause mean sharing my office with a few rats, but hey it can be lonely working from home. The pictures below shows the attic full of stuff and a picture of how I would like it to be... I don't think I'm quite going to be able to achieve this single handed. To be frank I'll be happy if I can just make the space white with a big desk and a couple of lights. I'm now planning to spend Sunday down the trip binning or recycling half the junk you can see in the photo.
One last thing. I thought I would just update you in regard to my GOCCO printer. I got some inks and bulbs in the post this week... very quick as they came from Japan, the inks look wonderful. I'm still waiting on the printer and I'm still very excited.

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